Oenophilia Wine Tasting


Oenophilia, comes from the Greek words “oinos” meaning wine and “philia” meaning love. By definition, the word stands for the love, devotion and enjoyment of wine.


Despite its spectacular scenery and the breathtaking views, Santorini is also known as one of the world’s best destinations for wine lovers. The combination of the volcanic soil and the micro climate of the island, gives to the local wine a unique taste, making it famous all over the Mediterranean.


On this wine tasting course, you will come to understand why we believe that our island is not just a place, it’s an experience and while more and more wine destinations seem to come out every year, some places will always set the standards for wine lovers. After all, Santorini it self islike a great bottle of wine: lovingly created and carefully aged, and the longer you spend studying it, the more you grow to love it.


So,do not waste anymore time and begin your romance, or fall deeper in love, with wine by joining us for an unforgettable wine tasting experience. Rest assured that you won’t just be served a glass of wine, but you will learn how to embrace the passion, flavors and aromas of a whole island in every sip you take.


At start, our professional, certified sommelier will lead you to one of our best tables with direct sunset view and introduce you to some basic rules of wine tasting, giving you his insight and tools that will help you with the actual evaluation. You will then be guided through tasting each particular wine, defining its aromas and learning how to appreciate it in a more well-informed approach.


You will get to taste eleven Santorinian wines in total, all with characteristics of the purest expression of indigenous varieties, especially “Assyrtico”.


Welcome to a total immersion in the world of wine…

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